Voter Suppression

Pennsylvania has enacted a voter ID law that will render an estimated 750,000 of its citizens ineligible to vote.  The law is being challenged in court this week.  Interestingly, the state signed a statement as the case goes to court agreeing that there:

“have been no investigations or prosecutions of in-person voter fraud in Pennsylvania; and the parties do not have direct personal knowledge of any such investigations or prosecutions in other states.”

Additionally, the agreement states that Pennsylvania:

“will not offer any evidence in this action that in-person voter fraud has in fact occurred in Pennsylvania and elsewhere” or even argue “that in person voter fraud is likely to occur in November 2012 in the absence of the Photo ID law.”

So then, I would ask, just what in hell is the point of the law, other than to disenfranchise three quarters of a million otherwise eligible voters?  You conservatives who support this, do you agree that you condone this blatantly unconstitutional act SOLELY on the basis that it almost certainly would deny more potential Democratic voters than Republican and therefore is nothing more than an attempt to unfairly game the upcoming election?  If so, then you can’t really claim that you support the Constitution or representative democracy.  No, you believe in dictatorship of people who think like you.


Scientists have determined that there WILL be an apocalypse, after all.  It will occur at the moment when the force of dark energy – that phenomenon that is causing all the objects in the universe to move away from each other (the expanding universe) – becomes so great that it overcomes the four fundamental forces holding everything together: gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force.  When this happens, all objects in the universe, right down to the must fundamental particles, will be ripped apart in a monumental cataclysm.

Fortunately, this is expected to occur long after we have exhausted our Social Security and Medicare benefits and relocated to the other side of the grass – 16 to 22 billion years from now.  From their dungeons down in hell, where – as Dante so eloquently reported – they’re being force fed the boiling excrement of liberals and oppressed minorities for eternity, conservatives will claim it was all Obama’s fault.

And here is what most of the rest of us will be doing: