Occupy Friday Harbor

The Occupy movement and this web site are here because the Middle Class – the backbone of America, the very institution that made this country great, that made us a beacon of freedom to the world and made the American Dream the ideal of every individual struggling to eke out an existence in every third world backwater  – is under attack.

Joblessness is clearly on the rise.  The concept of a living wage is becoming a thing of the past, and benefits once accepted as customary are disappearing.  Home values are in decline.  Homeowners are being evicted by the thousands, often without proof that the forecloser even holds the mortgage.  The cost of a college education is rapidly exceeding the means of the average person.  Corporations are incentivized by our laws to locate their operations in foreign countries.  And current law now permits those with unlimited means to spend with impunity and in virtual anonymity to fund the careers of politicians and promote the issues that most advance their interests, while the average person is relegated to a mere whisper in a cacophony of corporate-funded loud speaker systems.

If there was ever a time for grassroots action, it is now.  If these issues resonate with you, please consider joining us, or a group like us.  To learn more, use the menus above:

  • Blog: A series of opinion pieces on issues related to the Occupy Movement.
  • Chronicles: A chronicle of the activities of Occupy Friday Harbor.
  • Upcoming Events: Notices of planned activities by Occupy Friday Harbor and related groups that you may be interested in participating in.

Because you don’t get the government you need.  You get the government you deserve.

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5 thoughts on “Occupy Friday Harbor

  1. I”m liking the site…good on you. What a great way to stay in touch! I’m looking forward to using it to stay in touch, communicate with you all and think it’ll be great for us to post useful/informative links. Thanks!!!

  2. It is interesting that you used the phrase “for Christ’s sake,” when noting the Republican’s lack of compassion for the poor in their insistence on slashing SS, Medicare and Medicaid and on sheltering the rich. Jesus, also known by a title, “Christ,” championed the poor in his teachings. So…right on, for Christ’s sake !!

  3. Of course it would have happened with Hillary. This was happening before. The war against the working person has been going on long time, most of my life. Hillary is under the corporate thumb just like the rest. As far as the healthcare plan, instead of sticking with a single payer option, Obama went with Hillary’s bad idea of mandate. Hillary would have been the same.

  4. “Welcome to 2012. The Age of Greed is Over”
    That’s a line from the new song, “Occupy”, by the Norris Brothers Band, which was just released on the
    Solar Powered Records label. In the first seven days since its release, the song has been played
    thousands of times in 68 countries world-wide, and has already been adopted by Occupy movements
    around the globe.

    The Norris Brothers Band is donating all profit from the sales of this song to the Occupy movement, and
    is donating the use of the song to all Occupations, world-wide, for whatever their needs may be. Money
    collected from sales will go back to the closest local occupation whenever possible. The song is now
    available on iTunes and Amazon, and will be available on all other major online music outlets, world-
    wide, over the next few days and weeks.

    Here are links to Watch the YouTube video (http://youtu.be/baZ1qnVvwkA), Listen to the song
    (http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/song_11461740), and Download a FREE

    The band also just launched a new website called Rockupy Earth (www.RokupyEarth.com ) that is
    encouraging other musicians around the world to do the same.

    Music has always played a significant role in helping to unite people behind a cause, and it’s time for
    music to help change the world again. The Norris Brothers Band is honored to be able to do our small
    part in assisting those on the front lines of Occupations all over the world, who are helping all of us to
    wake up to the truth.

    Please consider this your permission to use “Occupy” for your local movement, and please post the links
    above and pass them along to your members, and to anyone else who may benefit.
    Keep up the good work, and stay in touch.

    Mitch Norris

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